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듀얼스(Duals)는 공기전도 (Air-Conduction) 방식과 뼈 전도(Bone-Conduction) 방식으로 이루어진 융합기술로 개발된 Dual-Stations 3D Woofer Sound를 의미합니다.

듀얼스(Duals) 우퍼이어폰은 Dual-Stations의 BT TM (Bone Technology) 기술로 그 어떤 제품과도 비교할 수 없는 웅장함의 비밀을 담고 있습니다. 국내 특허기술로 개발된 3D우퍼사운드는 초 저역대의 서브우퍼 기능을 듀얼스의 BTTM 기술로 10mm의 마이크로 우퍼스피커가 세계최초로 개발되었습니다.



DUALS has been developed Dual-Stations 3D Woofer Earphone for last several years based on the unique technology named BT (Bone Technology) and finally can produce 10mm micro drive unit. This unique technology can deliver very high quality sound system that can be comparable with the sound from exorbitant price of earphone with armature speaker system equipped.

DUALS’ specialized earphone can make the clear, even and well balanced sound for high, middle and low range along with magnificent woofer effect. Due to the micro woofer technology the sound will be memorized by your body as well as your ears.






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